Canada Firearms Test

The best app for preparation to Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course and Canadian Firearms Safety Course. Get your PAL/R-PAL easy peasy!

California Firearms Test

Firearms Safety Certificate needed? Here you go: this app will help you with your preparation to FSC written test, Safe Handling Demonstration and basic firearms safety.

Australia Firearms Safety Quiz

Tiny but very useful app for new licence applicants and even seasoned firearms users.


Free online safety quizzes training facility.

Motorcycle Safety Test

Live free, ride hard! And safe! With this app you will learn a lot about safe motorcycle riding and feel safe on the road.

Gun Safety Test

This app is about firearms safety not relative to any jurisdiction. Know your gun! And be safe when handling it.

Smart Stocksmart Lite

Free lean and mean app for beginners in Stock Market Analysis. Even if you are new to Fundamental Analysis, you should be able to find out if a company is good or bad fundamentally, does it pay sustainable dividends, is it cheap or expensive as of now - all in 5 minutes. And without reading a huge pile of books!